Car Brakes

Brake Fluid Replacement

Changing your vehicles brake fluid every 2 years is recommended by most manufacturers as it helps to ensure the safety of your brake components, which is essential for the maintenance of your vehicle. Here at LCM Automotive, Our fully qualified technicians will carry out your brake fluid replacement by draining out the old fluid and refilling it with new brake fluid to the correct specifications given by the manufacturer. If the moisture content in your brake fluid exceeds 3% then it will definitely need replacing in order to prevent brake failure. Pop into our workshop in Filton, Bristol, and we can check the brake fluid moisture levels for you whilst you wait for free!

Prices for brake fluid replacement start at just £69.00 Inc VAT

Brake Pad/Disc Replacement

If you’re off on a long journey or simply want reassurance about the condition of your brakes, get in touch with the team at LCM Automotive. We’ll be happy to do a full check of your car’s braking system to ensure that you and your family are safe on the road.

Modern brake systems are made up of several components any of which can become worn or faulty over time so if you notice any of the signs below, be sure to bring your car into LCM Automotive in Filton, Bristol, so that we can do a full check of your vehicle’s braking system. If it needs repairs, you can be assured that our experienced team only use the highest quality components, giving you peace of mind knowing that you will be getting optimum performance and safety from your brakes.

There are various signs which you should be aware of:

  1. A brake-pad warning light – this is a pretty obvious sign that one of your brake pads is worn but not all cars are equipped with this light.
  2. A loud screeching – a screeching or grinding sound is very likely to mean that your brake pads have worn out.
  3. Pulling to one side – if your car is pulling to one side, it could be that the brake pads on one side of the car have worn out causing an imbalance.
  4. Bad vibrations – if your brake pedal vibrates when you press on it, it could mean that your brake pads have warped from too much heat or that the brake discs are damaged.

Prices for brake pad replacement start at just £99.00

Brake pads can be replaced on their own (without the need to replace the discs if the discs are in good enough condition) we can check this for you.

Prices for brake disc replacement start at just £199.00

If your discs need replacing along with brake pads, our prices will always include replacement pads and are per axle (i.e. both front wheels or both rear wheels).

At LCM Automotive we have a highly experienced team of technicians carrying out MOTs, vehicle servicing and general repairs and maintenance at our modern, fully-equipped workshop in Filton, Bristol. We’ve built up a reputation in Filton, and around the north Bristol area for going that extra mile to ensure quality work and excellent customer service.

To find out more about Car Brakes in Filton, Bristol, get in touch online or call us directly on 0117 239 9683

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