Car Air Conditioning

Here at LCM Automotive, We offer the following packages for vehicles with Air Conditioning:

This is the R134a style of gas found in most vehicles built before 2014.

This is the R1234YF type of gas, found in most new cars built from 2014 onwards.

If you are unsure what type of gas is in your vehicle just ask and we are able to tell you.

The volume of refrigerant gas in a vehicle’s air conditioning system may start to drop over time, this tends to be the case if you are not using your vehicle regularly. Recharging your vehicle’s air-conditioning system with gas and lubricant every 2 years is recommended by manufacturers in order to keep your vehicle’s air-con system in the best shape possible. Your vehicle may be due an air-con recharge if it is over 2 years old as it is not a part of routine vehicle servicing.

This is a basic re-gas which involves replacing the old gas with fresh new gas.

Our 5-in-1 specialist treatment not only helps protect your air conditioning system, but it can also fix minor leaks within the system. This can be a great solution instead of costly repairs.


  • Reduces friction and ensures constant system performance.
  • Minimises wear and tear in the coolant compressor.
  • Protects PAG oil against oxidation.
  • Special fluorescent substance enables fast discovery of leaks.
  • Refreshes O-rings and seals, protecting against micro leaks.

Has Your Air Conditioning Stopped Working Completely? Are You Concerned That It Has A Leak or Fault?

​If your vehicle’s air conditioning has stopped working completely there may be a leak somewhere within the system. We recommend carrying out a Nitrogen Leak Test if your A/C system is empty. This is to ensure no further air conditioning refrigerant is released from the system as it is harmful to the environment.

​During a leak test, we will first remove any existing refrigerant from the system and then fill the system with nitrogen. We then closely monitor the system whilst it is under pressure to see whether the pressure remains constant or drops. If a leak is present we have a number of ways that we can pinpoint the exact location of the leak.
Through a ‘hissing’ noise and diagnose the part at fault.

Leak detection agent, which will bubble/foam on contact with the leaking nitrogen.
UV light if the system has previously been filled with UV leak dye.

An electronic refrigerant leak detector or ‘sniffer, detects a leak using a sensor.

At LCM Automotive we have a highly experienced team of technicians carrying out MOTs, vehicle servicing and general repairs and maintenance at our modern, fully-equipped workshop in Filton, Bristol. We’ve built up a reputation in Filton, and around the north Bristol area for going that extra mile to ensure quality work and excellent customer service.

To find out more about Car Air Conditioning in Filton, Bristol, get in touch online or call us directly on 0117 239 9683

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