Hybrid Car Repairs & Servicing

Many cars are hybrids these days. It is important to have your hybrid system checked as part of a service. LCM Automotive offer the following additional checks for hybrid vehicles as part of our servicing.

While a battery is important in any vehicle, hybrid batteries are even more important as they’re used to power the car when the fuel is not in use. A health check ensures that the battery is operating properly, which not only helps hybrid performance but also improves the efficiency of the vehicle.

LCM Automotive check that there are no coolant leaks in the vehicle. Note, inverter coolant isn’t the same as engine coolant – inverter coolant is required to ensure that the inverter can work properly.

Hybrid vehicles make use of something called regenerative braking; this is the process that takes the kinetic energy that is lost when braking and turns it into energy. This allows this energy that would usually be lost to be used the next time you accelerate. This means that a hybrid uses its conventional brakes much less, which can, unfortunately, cause Brake Binding. The brake pad sticks to the brake disc, which can cause the vehicle to slow down even without the brake pedal being used. At LCM Automotive we will check for potential brake binding and can repair the issue if this fault is discovered.

The charging port will be inspected for damage or problems and replaced or repaired if required.

We check the car to make sure that there are no error warnings relating to the hybrid system. If any are found we will report back to you and discuss your repair options.

Once the service is complete we will take the vehicle on a short road test to ensure that the hybrid system is working as it should.

Once the service is complete and we have ensured that your brakes aren’t binding, we will take the vehicle on a short road test to ensure that the regenerative braking element is working correctly.

Our hybrid trained technicians have the expertise and experience to carry out servicing to the highest standards. We offer different service levels guaranteed to meet your needs so get in touch with our team with any questions you have and we will be happy to discuss the various options available at our workshop in Filton, Bristol.

Our Service Levels

FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Engine Sizes up to 1900cc£129£189£239
Engine Sizes 1900cc to 3000cc£159£219£269
Add an MOT to a service£30 instead of £49 saving £19£30 instead of £49 saving £19£30 instead of £49 saving £19
Recommended Intervals6 months or 6,000 miles12 months or 12,000 miles24 months or 24,000 miles
Engine Oil & Filter Replacement
Air Filter Replacement
Fuel Filter Replacement
Number Of Checks326070
ECU Diagnostic Scan & Print Out
Screen Wash Top Up
Coolant Top Up
Brake Fluid Top Up
Power Steering Fluid Top Up
AdBlue Top Up (Diesel engines only & at additional cost)

What’s Included?

Take a look below to see our service levels in more detail.

FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Battery Health check & Report
Inverter Coolant Check
Brake Binding Check
Hybrid System Warnings
Hybrid System Functionality
Visual check of accessible hybrid components & wiring
Regenerative Braking Functionality Check
Charging Port Check
FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Service Book Updated
Service Light
Clutch Operation
Horn Operation
Climate Control / AC Operation
Front & Rear Washers
Instruments / Warning Light
Internal Mirror Operation
Pollen Filter Condition
Lubricate Door Hinges & Locks
Bonnet Pull Operation
Seat Belt Operation / Condition
Additional Comments
FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Camshaft System / Replacement Interval
Air Filter
Clutch Fluid Level
Power Steering Fluid Level
Washer Fluid
Brake Fluid Level
Brake Moisture Content
Battery Security
Battery Condition
Engine Coolant Level
Coolant Leaks
Antifreeze Content
Radiator Cap
Electric Cooling Fan
Oil Leaks
Engine Oil Level
Auxiliary Belt Condition
Replace Spark Plugs (Additional Cost)
Replace Fuel Filter (If External)
Drain and Replace Engine Oil
Replace Oil Filter
Additional Comments
FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
NSF Tread Depth / Condition
OSF Tread Depth / Condition
NSR Tread Depth / Condition
OSR Tread Depth / Condition
Spare Tyre Tread Depth / Condition
Tyre Size
Front Tyre Pressure
Rear Tyre Pressure
Locking Wheel Nut Key
FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Front Operation / Condition
Rear Operation / Condition
FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Front Brake Pads Wear %
Front Discs Condition
Rear Pads Wear %
Rear Discs Condition
Brake Calipers, Leaks/Security
Hand Brake Condition
Additional Comments
FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Front Wiper Blades Condition
Rear Wiper Blades Condition
Adblue Level (Diesel engines only & at additional cost) £20
Number Plate Condition
Remote Key Operation
Door Locking Operation
Exhaust Smoke
External Mirrors
Windscreen Chips & Cracks
Additional Comments
FeaturesInterim ServiceFull ServiceMajor Service
Steering & Rack Gaiters
Shock Absorbers & Springs
Wheel Bearings
Transmission Leaks
Driveline & Drive Shaft Gaiters
Fuel Lines
Brake Lines
Underside Body Condition
Exhaust System
Additional Comments

At LCM Automotive we have a highly experienced team of technicians carrying out MOTs, vehicle servicing and general repairs and maintenance at our modern, fully-equipped workshop in Filton, Bristol. We’ve built up a reputation in Filton, and around the north Bristol area for going that extra mile to ensure quality work and excellent customer service.

To find out more about Hybrid Car Repairs & Servicing in Filton, Bristol, get in touch online or call us directly on 0117 239 9683

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